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The Square Peg - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow Benedict Lozier is an accountant and, according to his ex-boyfriend, a boring accountant. Ben has not seen his father since he was a child and is surprised to find that he has inherited half ownership of a gay bar, The Square Peg, from him. Seeing this as an opportunity for a change, he visits the bar only to find that is in need of some major updating and the man who is supposed to be his business partner is less than happy to see him.

Shane Brant has been running the bar for years for Ben’s father, Craig. He is not ready to share the operation of the bar with Ben and has no problem letting him know that he is not wanted, which just sets Ben to dig in his heels. Even with the confrontational tone between the men, Ben cannot help but notice that Shane is hot and finds his British accent sexy. Shane is also attracted to Benedict but knows it would be a very bad idea to act on it.

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