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Redneck Romeo - Lorelei James I have been following the McKay / West family for a long while. Well fifteen books as of this one. I have my favorite characters and favorite books, as well as those I am not particularly fond of. I have an expectation when reading these stories and I was afraid I would be bored with them by now.

I almost put this one aside. I knew this was the last McKay to tame, I knew the history with Dalton and Rory for the most part. I even figured out what our major conflict was going to be early on (Pretty sure we were supposed to figure that one out) What I did not expect was the way this book subtly wrapped up the Casper McKay storyline while giving us Dalton's story and bringing depth to the family dynamics of that particular branch of the McKays. We got to revisit many of the McKay men and their families from previous books and got a glimpse of their lives now. I have to say I loved the last third of the book most of all. I was very pleased with how the story developed and pleasantly surprised that I found myself connecting with Rory and Dalton, who I had not been fond of in the past.

I am not sure where Ms James plans on going from here. We have been introduced to yet another generation in the last couple of books and I was left wanting to know what happens with these young McKay/West kids as they grow up. What ever happens, I know I will be there to find out.