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Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk This is a delightful sequel to Whiddershins.
(If you have not read Whiddershins, Stop!, Go read it. I waited, thinking I would not Really like this series - well- I am happy to say I was wrong. It is fun and sexy and full of adventure)

Once again we have a mystery that requires Whyborne, Griffin and Christine to investigate; this time away from the relative comfort of Whiddershins to the rough, desolate mining town of Threshold. This definitely takes Whyborne out of his comfort zone and what they face is not for the faint of heart. I love how this series involves the supernatural while keeping with the feel of the time period. The writing is vivid. The people, scenery and events come alive on the page.

Whyborne and Griffin face challenges in their relationship any couple might with the introduction of a past lover and the past history that’s revealed but they also face the pressure of having to hide themselves because of societal prejudices. Christine is a wonderful solid female character. I admire the loyalty she has for Whyborne and her fearlessness at thumbing her nose at where society feels should be “her place”.

The adventure is action packed, and the creatures are very, well, creepy. You just have to read it.

I adore Whyborne and Griffin. I think the growth in their relationship as well as for both men individually made me love them more. I cannot wait until the next book.

Once again I want to add a link to Dianne's review. She adds a bit more depth than I did and I definitely found myself nodding in agreement with her assessments. :-)