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Flying With Dragons - Sean Michael First of all, I tend to love all things Dragon. This book was recommended and I decided to give it a try.
The setting is in a society where Dragons live among humans. Grunk has been assigned the job of Dragon/Human liaison. The story alludes to Grunk being assigned this job as punishment. We do not know what he has done to deserve punishment other than he appears headstrong and a Dragon that prefers to keep to himself and live in his natural form.
His first day on the job he meets his assistant Kyfan. Kyfan is described as small, beautiful with white hair and eyes that change colors. Kyfan has lived in his human form for a very long time and has not changed into Dragon form in many years or flown. Grunk finds this appalling and sets out to remedy this immediately. Grunk feels an immediate attraction to the smaller Dragon. Grunk is powerful, confident and thoroughly more comfortable in his natural form where Kyfan is smaller, lacks confidence and feels inadequate in his Dragon form. I thought the story complemented both of them.

The story moves quickly as Grunk and Kyfan interact. I enjoyed the way Dragon society is presented, it feels untamed when presented from Grunks view point.
I thought the romance moved almost too quickly, but it is a short story. I would have loved to have more background about Grunk and Dragon culture.

It was a fun story with a glimpse into a Dragon world that I would enjoy reading more about.