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Measure of Strength - Caethes Faron After the cliffhanger in the first book, I was very happy to know that the second book in this series concluded the storyline. I enjoyed the historical romance feel of the book, even though it is not my favorite genre.
This book takes place three years after the end of the first book. Without spoiling anything (as it is in the description) The two main characters, Jason and Kale, find each other again. They are both very different men from where we left off. The storyline resumes and I found the story resumed trying to solve the same problems the characters had in the last book. I agreed with Sophie (a character in this book) that Kale needed a good whack to the head at times. I could not support Kales resentment as he was the one who had orchestrated many the events in the last book that brought him to where we found him in book two.
I love both characters even if they missed some obvious things about each other. The historical setting where the main characters live is so different from another place in this story that it seems like two different time periods. Even so, I enjoyed the romance, the questions brought up regarding slavery and class differences, and the two men struggling so hard to love one another. The romance was sweet and although I figured out some of the plot points before the end, I was very pleased with the ending.