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Capture & Surrender - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov I could not decide how I wanted to review this book but I think I will just go with the from the heart “Damn, I love this series” review. I have loved every book in this series and they have all been sexy and entertaining. The past two books have gradually taken a different direction. They are still sexy but there is more emotional depth. We get to know the guys more and see into their private lives. This book lets us get to know Frank, the owner of Market Garden. Frank keeps to himself and has a rule to never get involved with his employees. Frank has pretty much kept to himself since his partner Andrew died eighteen months ago. His social interactions include being referee for some kinky paintball games hosted by his best friends Geoff and Mike and the occasional dinners with Emily, Andrew’s sister who is a chef and let’s Frank, Mike and Geoff try her new creations.

One of the main characters from the previous books is leaving Market Garden to pursue his life with his partner. Frank knows he will need to look for a replacement, when his friend and the bartender at Market Garden, Raoul, brings him a new guy, Stefan. Stefan is young, hot, American ex-military and presses all of Franks buttons, but there is the rule – no getting involved with staff. Stefan does not have this rule and is attracted to Frank and makes his interest known. Frank decides to invite Stefan to one of the paintball games, thinking he would introduce Stefan to some of the guys and maybe get some of Stefan’s attentions away from him. Well, in the kinky games of capture and surrender, things do not work out like Frank imagines but oh my goodness, the things he witnesses as he referee’s the game. Sigh.

Although this may sound like just another fun erotic book, it is not. It is more. Frank and Stefan are men who have lived and lost, have known the joys of love and the heartache of losing that love. This book deals with a topic that is very real, and most people shy away from discussing. I think the authors did a wonderful job of presenting this topic. It is sad and realistic but felt hopeful. I wanted so much for Frank and Stefan to find their happiness and they did, even if it felt a bit bittersweet. Frank’s friends Geoff, Mike and Emily are great supporting characters. They are the friends we all want and need, to be there through thick and thin and love us unconditionally.

Capture & Surrender is the longest book in the series so far and it allowed for more character development and background story. I found myself feeling so many emotions while reading this book, tears, frustration, fear, sadness and hope. It captured my heart and I cannot wait for the next book. (Raoul? Please.)