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Second Hand - Heidi Cullinan, Marie Sexton I adored this book. I think I needed this sweet, romantic, somewhat quirky story.
Paul is just so clueless. Instead of being irritating it was sweet. His self image has taken a beating and he doesn't see that being himself is ok. Better than ok for El.
El... El is great. He is the guy that is strong, with a kind heart, the rock in his immediate family but also hiding his wants and needs behind a somewhat cynical exterior.
I enjoyed the way the two men meet (even if initially it was kind of pathetic on Pauls part)and I did not even mind how El manipulates their continuing interactions. I also thought the issue of hoarding was dealt with thoughtfully.
The secondary characters rounded out the story nicely too.
For a nice light, make you teary but keep you smiling kind of book. I can definitely recommend this one.