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Blame It On The Mistletoe

I can get a bit giddy when it comes to a good holiday story. Eli Easton is one of my favorite authors and this little novella just pushed all the right buttons for me.

I loved that Mick and Fielding are opposite in some ways but so similar in others. Mick is a former jock and ladies man that is taking his education seriously now. He has a double major in Nutrition and Physical therapy, plus is working two jobs. Fielding is a genius graduate student in physics at nineteen. He eats poorly, and needs a bit of a makeover when he meets Mick. Mick gladly helps Fielding. They cook together, exercise together and Mick enjoys taking care of Fielding. Fielding led a pretty sheltered life and Mick loves showing him the fun things he has missed, like Star Wars movies and snowball fights. It is a good housemate, best friend relationship until one day when Fielding witnesses an encounter with a flirty cheerleader and Mick. She says Mick is the best kisser on campus and Fielding - who has never been kissed - decides Mick should teach him how and will not take no for an answer.

I loved the way Mick slowly discovers things about himself that he has denied for a long time. It was sweet and sometimes a little sad watching Fielding bloom during his friendship with Mick. He just did not understand that some of the things he was asking were out of the norm for someone like Mick, but maybe Fielding was seeing things Mick was trying to ignore. Samantha is a wonderful secondary character as Micks best friend and the girl from Fielding's Physics class is a great evil seductress.

The witty humor, quirky characters and beautiful romance made this a very enjoyable holiday read. Highly recommend.