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Safe - C. Kennedy Safe is the second book I have read by C.Kennedy. It involves two young men, Nico and Caleb, who have been friends since they were ten years old and that friendship develops over time into more. They are unable to be open about their relationship because Nico's father would never understand. Nico's father is abusive to him and his mother and he and Caleb are just waiting until they graduate to go away to college. This short story is both sweet in it's portrayal of the love that grows between Nico and Caleb, and a sad testament to what many go through with abuse. In this case a young boy and his mother. I had questions regarding why this man wasn't stopped why someone did not protect Nico. The author was very helpful in addressing these questions and here is a link to a blog that addresses this. http://www.shiraanthony.com/2013/10/cody-kennedys-safe-tell-someone-about-child-abuse/
I enjoyed the story and thought it brought up a subject that is sad and troubling while still giving us a tender coming of age story for Caleb and Nico.
It is a good book and the proceeds of the sale of this book are being donated to charity.
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