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Hound Dog & Bean

Hound Dog & Bean - B.G. Thomas Hound Dog & Bean is a wonderful story about two men who meet under less than ideal circumstances. Hound Dog (or H.D.) is an eccentric character that has had many losses in life and finds animals more trustworthy than humans. Bean runs a coffee shop and has not had many good experiences with love. His shop has pretty much become his life. That is, until Hound Dog comes into his store one day and Bean ends up taking a punch to the face that had been intended for H.D. With H.D. feeling responsible for Bean getting hurt, he decides to take care of him and feelings that both men thought they would never allow to surface begin to reappear.

Please go to the link below for the full review. It is a really fun book with some lovely secondary characters and who couldn't love a book about coffee and rescue pets?