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Cuddling - G.S. Wiley, Rowan McAllister, Dawn Douglas, Stephen Osborne, Anna  Martin, Elizabella Gold, K. Lynn, Eva Clancy, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Anna Butler, Caitlin Ricci, S.H. Allan, Rob Rosen, River Clair, Nico Jaye, A.C.  Valentine Overall 4.5/5.0

Cuddling is what at first appears to be an anthology that would be filled with sweet romantic stories that have no angst or heartbreak. The stories run from bittersweet to light and humorous. I enjoyed all of them but there were a few that I found stayed with me more than others.
Those being:

Remember When by River Claire (Aaron and Ben - sigh, We may not remember things the same or the same things but what they do remember was so sweet)

How to Date Your Husband by AC Valentine (This was also happy sigh worthy - fun and romantic)

Change of Heart by Rhidian Brenig Jones (Oh this one pulled at my heart - a bit sad but with a very romantic gesture and reminder to not take each other for granted)

Reboot by S. H. Allan (opposites, self doubts and insecurities and romantic gestures - really did not like the couple that they had coffee with but enjoyed the ending)

Quarter Moon Over a Ten Cent Town by Stephen Osborne. (more doubts and insecurities along with lack of communication and a town busy body. Humorous)