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Where the Lovelight Gleams

Where The Lovelight Gleams - Keira Andrews This was my last holiday read of 2013. It is so sweet and romantic and is centered around two men who come from completely different backgrounds. Ryan and Cary are actors on a television show whose script has brought them into an intimate situation. Ryan has had a crush on Cary since they met , but Cary is straight and Ryan is not, so he must keep his feelings to himself. When shooting wraps up for the holidays,Ryan is talking to Cary about Christmas with his family in Canada and learns that Cary has never really had a family Christmas like he has had and invites him to come to Canada for Christmas with his family. Cary already has plans and Ryan is secretly glad - not knowing how he would react if he was in such close quarters with him over the holidays.

As things would have it, Cary ends up coming for Christmas and the two men learn that maybe they are both right and wrong about one another and their feelings. It is a feel good story, with lots of sweet holiday traditions,Ryan's loving, accepting family that contrasts with Carys family who seems cold and all about appearances and nothing about family or love and acceptance.

Over all I really liked this story. It was warm and left me sighing happily and wishing for snow and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Lovely ending to my holiday reading.