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Going Up

Going Up - Amy Lane 4.5/5.0
This is a happy, non angsty, Amy Lane. I loved it. Don't get me wrong I love all Amy Lane, angst or not. Going Up is sweet with a fairytale like feel to the story. Zach is a prince in his tower, always doing what is expected of him, not being true to himself. The closest he has ever gotten is being a union lawyer instead of a corporate lawyer. One day the express elevator from his penthouse breaks down and he has to get off on the nineteenth floor. He takes the regular elevators down and on the fourteenth floor a man rushes into the elevator wearing a cowboy outfit. He learns this eccentric man is a substitute teacher and older than he thinks. Zach is fascinated by this encounter and hopes to run into him again. Eventually he learns the young mans name is Sean, and they develop a friendship in the length of time they have between the fourteenth and first floors.

The story is a sweet look into Zachs life - or lack of life. His secretary,Leah, turns out to be a wonderful friend. The developing relationship between Zach and Sean is sweet and playful and the entire time I am so hoping they will be able to extend this beyond the elevator. Which You will have to read to find out.

This was a wonderful addition to my holiday reading list and I enjoyed it very much.