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Let it Snow (Minnesota Christmas)

Let It Snow - Heidi Cullinan This ended up being the last book to start in 2013 and the first to finish in 2014. I enjoyed the nod to the three bears story with our Goldilocks being a lovely blonde stylist named Frankie and Paul, Arthur and Marcus being the three bears. Frankie ends up getting lost in a blizzard while trying to go home and winds up in the backwoods of Minnesota. As he tries to get back on the road, a moose appears and Frankie winds up in a ditch. Walking, hoping to find a place to get help, he happens upon an unlocked cabin and falls asleep on the sofa - only to be awaken by non other than Papa Bear - Marcus. Marcus wants nothing to do with Frankie - he reminds him too much of his cheating ex from his time in the city when he was working as a lawyer. Frankie dropping in has stirred up a lot of feelings he thought he had escaped from when he left the city to work as a lumberjack in Logan. Bunking with his two best friends in their small cabin - Marcus sleeps on the fold out sofa which ends up being the only real choice for Frankie to sleep. (you have to read the book to understand why);-)

The story is fun and sexy and Marcus is truly a grumpy bear. His best friends Arthur and Paul have their own set of issues and I would love to see that explored in their own book. Frankie is loveable and some of the scenes with the elder care center had me sniffling. The conversations with Frankie and his roommates Andy and Josh are entertaining as they are truly opposites.

This was a wonderful story to finish up my 2013 holiday list and also a lovely way to begin my 2014 reading.