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Making His List

Making His List - Devon Rhodes I am having so much fun exploring new authors this year and finding these holiday stories that I missed from previous years. Making His List is one these.

Cory has his sister and her daughter Bailey living with him. His sister has problems with drugs and alcohol and she is incredibly irresponsible. Cory wants to give Bailey a stable home environment, not the constant moving from man to man that she has experienced with her mother. The problem is, Cory has been seeing Ken casually for several months. He tells Ken in no uncertain terms that he is not to stay over and not to be involved with his family. Ken accepts this until one night when Cory's niece is very sick and Ken ends up helping out.

I adored Ken's character. I am not sure what he saw in Cory exactly. Cory was pretty much a callous jerk for the most part - towards Ken at least. I enjoyed watching the story evolve, even if there were times I wanted to thunk Cory - hard. There are definitely communication problems! Bailey is a wonderful character and my heart went out to her.

Overall, I thought this was a wonderful addition to my holiday reading. Recommended. :-)