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Feathers From the Sky

Feathers From the Sky - Posy Roberts Calvin and Philip have been together for over three years and still Calvin has not told his family that they are more than roommates. They know Calvin is bisexual but have never seen him in a relationship with a man. While he realizes his family is very accepting, he worries they will be disappointed because he is not going to have children and he hears every time they get together what a great dad he would be and he does not have the heart to tell them, until now.

He has decided to share this with them, no more hiding but when he goes home for Christmas, his parents share some news that shakes Calvin up to the point he once again sets it aside, until Philip arrives (another thing Calvin forgets to mention to his parents)to spend the rest of the holiday with Calvin and his family. What happens next is a fun look into family dynamics, expectations, love and acceptance.

I enjoyed this story. I thought Philip was a wonderful character. He is insightful, charming and knows Calvin so well. In turn,Calvin sees beauty in Philip,in ways that Philip finds embarrassing. (you have to read the story - it is just very sweet and romantic)They compliment one another.

Another wonderful holiday book to add to my collection. :-)