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Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour - Astrid Amara 4.5/5.0

As you may have picked up from some of my other reviews, I love food centric books. Sweet and Sour was a fun book, filled with all sorts of delightful food descriptions and interesting characters.
Miles and Itai are trying their relationship for a second time. Itai has fidelity issues but has promised to be faithful this time and also become a partner for miles in his deli, once he has finished the product launch for his new application he designed with his ex - Travis. Hmmm sounds like a recipe for disaster.

while Miles is seeing their relationship crumble, his main assistant goes on maternity leave. He is also trying to appease disgruntled older patrons who do not want any changes in the deli while still trying to expand the deli into something more. On top of all this he has a catering job that really requires way more help than he has. In walks Nic Delbene - a detective that asks if he can work undercover as they have a tip of a potential drug bust going down in the deli. The only upside to all of this is that Nic comes from a family that owned an Italian deli and can truly help out. It does not hurt that Nic is charming and good looking too.

The story takes us through the demise of Miles and Itai's relationship as well as developing what could be a perfect match with Miles and Nic. The food is definitely central to the story and the undercover job and its resolution is short. This scene contained the only line that made me think less of Miles, mostly because he had been so adamant about this aspect of Itai's personality and explained it more than once in the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and it was fun seeing Miles and Nic's relationship develop.