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Christmas Goes Analog

Christmas Goes Analog - Kate Lowell Shawn is a systems administrator , bored with his job until in walks Rob Forbes, new software designer. It is instant attraction for both men. After six months of dating, Shawn is ready to take the next step but Rob gets a call from his Mom with news that dashes Rob's hope for a real Christmas with his family - one that includes introducing Shawn to his family. Rob has had a tough life since his father was in an accident when he was a teenager. He has had to work hard to get where he is and scrimps and saves to send money to help out his mom and sister. Shawn has had a relatively easy life compared to Rob and wants to help out but is not sure how with out making Rob feel indebted.

I loved the way Shawn came up with a plan for Giving Rob what he needed for Christmas. I adored the techy,geeky aspects of the characters. Their pet names and little flirtatious comments were fun and fit them perfectly. This my not be for everyone but it had me smiling quite a few times while reading the book.

There is a lot of sex and sweet romance in the story. The surprise was beautiful. I would have enjoyed seeing how things turn out for them and Robs family. Other than that,I thought it was a nice addition to my holiday reading.