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How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father - L.B. Gregg 4.5/5.0

How I Met Your Father is a fun holiday romp set in sunny Puerto Rico. Justin Hayes is on his way to his best friend’s wedding. The flight is turbulent but the gorgeous man seated next to him holds his hand to help calm him. This has mixed results as it may have calmed his fear about the flight but increased his anxiety about the feelings this man aroused. Jack Bassinger is on his way to his daughter’s wedding when a handsome young man next to him looks in need of some calming reassurance during a turbulent flight. When the flight lands, there is a hasty escape through the terminal that ends with a quick encounter in the bathroom. Afterwards, both men part thinking they will never see one another again. Could they be more wrong! They meet again at the bachelor party as the best man and father of the bride. Talk about awkward, but the attraction between these two is hot and they are drawn towards one another regardless of the consequences.

To complicate this, Justin and his friend Chuck, the groom, are part of a former boy band. For years, they have tried dodged the spotlight and Justin has kept himself in the closet to protect his friends. All the members show up for Chuck’s wedding and this attraction Justin has to Chuck’s future father in law sets the scene for some funny situations and witty banter between the guys. There are some serious moments but for the most part, it is fun. Jack and Justin have an intense but playful chemistry going on that made for some very sexy scenes.

The epilogue gave me the ending I had expected but I would have loved to see the development of the relationship during that year. I liked the May/December concept, even though the age difference was not that big, and the whole, best man, father of the bride, stepfather, and grandfather theme was very humorous.