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Silver & Gold

Silver and Gold - Devon Rhodes 3.5/5.0

Silver and Gold had the feel of a May/December story but Geoff is just 40 and Abe is 30. Geoff is a bisexual man that has recently gone through a divorce. His first love, Jesse is also divorced now and has contacted him. It has been decades since they have seen one another. The way the relationship ended when they were young was heartbreaking for Geoff, yet he still want to see Jesse. They agree to meet when they are both home for Christmas. In the mean time Geoff decides to seek out some male company. The first attempt goes terribly wrong and his assistant Kim is witness to it when she is called to pick him up. She then introduces him to Abe, her friend and hairdresser. I really liked Abe. He is a very sweet character. Geoff is awkward and misses a lot of cues from Abe in his turmoil over seeing Jesse again. Even though Kim is a good friend to Abe,I was not comfortable with her telling Abe about what happened to her boss, Geoff, even if it was a lead in to setting them up. Over all, this is a nice holiday story that moves very quickly and I was happy to have read it.