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Great Valentine story in the Whyborne and Griffin series

Eidolon - Jordan L. Hawk

This was a beautiful addition to the Whyborne & Griffin series. It falls in between Widdershins and Threshold and you will recognize something from this short and get the story behind it. I love the characters in this series. My heart goes out to Griffin so much and Whyborne does not judge but loves him which makes these two such an awesome couple. Actually - there is a lot more than that, but I am caught up in the valentine love here. Fun, kind of spooky and very romantic. <3

There is a wonderful in-depth review here:

Awesome Book, Awesome series!

Destroyer of Worlds - Jordan L. Hawk

When I had the opportunity to read book five, Destroyer of Worlds of the SPECTR series by Jordan L Hawk, I was beyond excited.  Ms Hawk has fast become one of my favorite authors.  Her writing is crisp and vivid.  She is capable of creating characters and worlds in two very different series that have me holding my breath in anticipation awaiting the next installment. This review focuses on her SPECTR series. Since this is book Five, I would like to introduce to the series.  I recommend reading the books in order as each book builds upon the previous one.


I found this series after reading Jordan L. Hawks “Whyborne & Griffin” series.  I had fallen in love with her writing and wanted more. The SPECTR series is very different but has all the vivid imagery, engaging characters and action packed storyline that I have come to associate with Ms Hawk’s writing.


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Source: http://liveyourlifebuythebook.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/destroyer-of-worlds

Hound Dog & Bean

Hound Dog & Bean - B.G. Thomas Hound Dog & Bean is a wonderful story about two men who meet under less than ideal circumstances. Hound Dog (or H.D.) is an eccentric character that has had many losses in life and finds animals more trustworthy than humans. Bean runs a coffee shop and has not had many good experiences with love. His shop has pretty much become his life. That is, until Hound Dog comes into his store one day and Bean ends up taking a punch to the face that had been intended for H.D. With H.D. feeling responsible for Bean getting hurt, he decides to take care of him and feelings that both men thought they would never allow to surface begin to reappear.

Please go to the link below for the full review. It is a really fun book with some lovely secondary characters and who couldn't love a book about coffee and rescue pets?


Flare (North Star)

Flare - Posy Roberts I was both excited and a little sad to read this conclusion to Posy Robert’s North Star Trilogy. I have lived through so much with the characters that have become like fictional family.

I enjoyed Hugo and Kevin's story from the beginning and Flare gave us a wonderful ending.

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Blokes in Love (An Oz MM Meet Anthology)



Seven is a complex story. It is a mix of science fiction, action, mystery and romance.

Chase Sarim is not only having a bad day; it has turned into a really bad week. First, he is fired from his job because they say that he plagiarized an article he had written for the paper. Then when his boss propositions him with a way he can stay on the payroll, he turns her down. Finally, he is kicked out of the company condominium. How much more can a guy stand? Apparently a lot....

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Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain - Amy Lane Behind the Curtain is another (almost) angst free book from Amy Lane. I know her tagline is Angst & Pain, Amy Lane and I have adored all the angst and pain she has written over the years because I know I will get my happy ending. The humor in this book is wonderful. I laughed out loud from the beginning and during various parts all through the book. It has moments of tenderness, sadness and, ok, maybe a little angst, and a little pain, but it is so well-balanced that it kept me on an emotional high from page one until the very end.

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Cuddling - G.S. Wiley, Rowan McAllister, Dawn Douglas, Stephen Osborne, Anna  Martin, Elizabella Gold, K. Lynn, Eva Clancy, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Anna Butler, Caitlin Ricci, S.H. Allan, Rob Rosen, River Clair, Nico Jaye, A.C.  Valentine Overall 4.5/5.0

Cuddling is what at first appears to be an anthology that would be filled with sweet romantic stories that have no angst or heartbreak. The stories run from bittersweet to light and humorous. I enjoyed all of them but there were a few that I found stayed with me more than others.
Those being:

Remember When by River Claire (Aaron and Ben - sigh, We may not remember things the same or the same things but what they do remember was so sweet)

How to Date Your Husband by AC Valentine (This was also happy sigh worthy - fun and romantic)

Change of Heart by Rhidian Brenig Jones (Oh this one pulled at my heart - a bit sad but with a very romantic gesture and reminder to not take each other for granted)

Reboot by S. H. Allan (opposites, self doubts and insecurities and romantic gestures - really did not like the couple that they had coffee with but enjoyed the ending)

Quarter Moon Over a Ten Cent Town by Stephen Osborne. (more doubts and insecurities along with lack of communication and a town busy body. Humorous)

Stormhaven (Whyborne & Griffin)

Stormhaven - Jordan L. Hawk I just finished this book today. I was up into the wee hours reading and grabbed ever spare moment I could to finish it. This series captured my heart from the very first book and I anxiously await each installment.

They are that good!

The series has a historical setting with mystery and paranormal elements. It is also a tale of love and friendship between Percival Whyborne and Griffin Flaherty, our two protagonists in the series. This series also includes a wonderful female character - an outspoken friend and colleague of Whyborne's, Dr. Christine Putnam. She is a refreshing character and I adore her and her loyalty to Whyborne.

The series should be read from the beginning to get the full experience and it is well worth it. I am not going into details of the plot. If you are already familiar with the series, you will read it anyway. If you are new to the series, stop and go to book 1 - Widdershins - you need to start at the beginning. (Yes - I know I said this before but truly - such a wonderful series) or go to this wonderful review by my friend Dianne at Live Your Life Buy the Book :http://liveyourlifebuythebook.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/stormhaven/

I would not read a review until I read the book because 1) I was already familiar with the series and 2) I did not want to know anything about this particular installment before I read it. It was like opening a gift to myself and I greedily snuggled in and read to my hearts content. Thank you Ms. Hawk for another amazing book in what has become one of my all time favorite series.

Where the Lovelight Gleams

Where The Lovelight Gleams - Keira Andrews This was my last holiday read of 2013. It is so sweet and romantic and is centered around two men who come from completely different backgrounds. Ryan and Cary are actors on a television show whose script has brought them into an intimate situation. Ryan has had a crush on Cary since they met , but Cary is straight and Ryan is not, so he must keep his feelings to himself. When shooting wraps up for the holidays,Ryan is talking to Cary about Christmas with his family in Canada and learns that Cary has never really had a family Christmas like he has had and invites him to come to Canada for Christmas with his family. Cary already has plans and Ryan is secretly glad - not knowing how he would react if he was in such close quarters with him over the holidays.

As things would have it, Cary ends up coming for Christmas and the two men learn that maybe they are both right and wrong about one another and their feelings. It is a feel good story, with lots of sweet holiday traditions,Ryan's loving, accepting family that contrasts with Carys family who seems cold and all about appearances and nothing about family or love and acceptance.

Over all I really liked this story. It was warm and left me sighing happily and wishing for snow and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Lovely ending to my holiday reading.

Going Up

Going Up - Amy Lane 4.5/5.0
This is a happy, non angsty, Amy Lane. I loved it. Don't get me wrong I love all Amy Lane, angst or not. Going Up is sweet with a fairytale like feel to the story. Zach is a prince in his tower, always doing what is expected of him, not being true to himself. The closest he has ever gotten is being a union lawyer instead of a corporate lawyer. One day the express elevator from his penthouse breaks down and he has to get off on the nineteenth floor. He takes the regular elevators down and on the fourteenth floor a man rushes into the elevator wearing a cowboy outfit. He learns this eccentric man is a substitute teacher and older than he thinks. Zach is fascinated by this encounter and hopes to run into him again. Eventually he learns the young mans name is Sean, and they develop a friendship in the length of time they have between the fourteenth and first floors.

The story is a sweet look into Zachs life - or lack of life. His secretary,Leah, turns out to be a wonderful friend. The developing relationship between Zach and Sean is sweet and playful and the entire time I am so hoping they will be able to extend this beyond the elevator. Which You will have to read to find out.

This was a wonderful addition to my holiday reading list and I enjoyed it very much.

Let it Snow (Minnesota Christmas)

Let It Snow - Heidi Cullinan This ended up being the last book to start in 2013 and the first to finish in 2014. I enjoyed the nod to the three bears story with our Goldilocks being a lovely blonde stylist named Frankie and Paul, Arthur and Marcus being the three bears. Frankie ends up getting lost in a blizzard while trying to go home and winds up in the backwoods of Minnesota. As he tries to get back on the road, a moose appears and Frankie winds up in a ditch. Walking, hoping to find a place to get help, he happens upon an unlocked cabin and falls asleep on the sofa - only to be awaken by non other than Papa Bear - Marcus. Marcus wants nothing to do with Frankie - he reminds him too much of his cheating ex from his time in the city when he was working as a lawyer. Frankie dropping in has stirred up a lot of feelings he thought he had escaped from when he left the city to work as a lumberjack in Logan. Bunking with his two best friends in their small cabin - Marcus sleeps on the fold out sofa which ends up being the only real choice for Frankie to sleep. (you have to read the book to understand why);-)

The story is fun and sexy and Marcus is truly a grumpy bear. His best friends Arthur and Paul have their own set of issues and I would love to see that explored in their own book. Frankie is loveable and some of the scenes with the elder care center had me sniffling. The conversations with Frankie and his roommates Andy and Josh are entertaining as they are truly opposites.

This was a wonderful story to finish up my 2013 holiday list and also a lovely way to begin my 2014 reading.

The Party

The Party -  Chris Quinton,  Meredith Russell,  Lisa Worrall,  Sue  Brown,  S.A. Meade, RJ Scott I started this free short story thinking it was an anthology, only to find it is one story written by six different authors. This was a first for me. It is a snippet into the lives of two men that have been best friends and lovers for a long while, then careers come into play and things change - not for the better. It is interesting and the meddlesome mothers are - well meddlesome but kind of endearing. It moved quickly and although I was not fond of the spoiled little rich girl character in the story, I enjoyed the ending. A fun, unusual story (in that it was written by six different authors). Nice little holiday read.

Something Sweet

Something Sweet - Megan Derr This is a wonderful little short story. It is definitely sweet and romantic and packs a lot into such a short story. This was a lovely addition to my holiday reading.

Simple Gifts (Farm, #2.5)

Simple Gifts - Andrew  Grey This is a gem of a story. Very short, quick read. I have not read the first book in the series but I did not feel lost at all. Such a lovely tale of love and family - whether by blood or our chosen family. Very sweet.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow - Devon Rhodes 3.5/4.0
Another fun holiday story from Devon Rhodes. I enjoyed the camaraderie between the four friends and the mild bdsm relationship between Garret and Ethan. It was fun seeing Garret get his holiday wish.